The purest, select white china clay, of such high quality as to be edible. Can be used as an edible covering for dishes or, combined with oils, to encapsulate aromas in aromatic pearls.


  • Fragrant fruit
  • Stones...

Fragrant fruit

  • 300 g Kaolin
  • 30 g ground cardamom
  • Apples
Peel the apple with great care. Combine the ground cardamom with the Kaolin. Coat an apple with this mixture. Vacuum pack it in a bag with part of the Kaolin and cardamom mixture on the highest setting. Leave it to stand in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Take the apple out of the bag and remove the excess powder with a
basting brush.
Use a basting brush to coat the fruit with the aromatised Kaolin before serving.
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